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May 16, 2013

To play better golf right now, read The Par Plan

Posted at 5:36 PM by Golf.com | Categories: Books, Golf Tips

The-Par-PlanEvery golfer has a number in mind-a goal score that represents a successful round. Now Golf Magazine and GolfTEC, the global leader in golf instruction with four million lessons taught and a 95-percent success rate, have created a blueprint to finally help golfers reach it in just thirty days.

The Par Plan, the first book to offer instruction across three platforms (lessons, video, swing-analysis app), presents a six-part blueprint that golfers of all levels can follow. Playing better golf is like the fitting together pieces of a puzzle; you need to get each one right in order to realize the full picture. The plan emphasizes this by helping players break down their games into nine key areas -- driving, putting, wedge play, scrambling, iron play, strategy, equipment, shot-making, and bunker play -- and providing a practical day-by-day regimen. As golfers progress through the plan, they'll notice that making slight improvement in these areas, just enough to cut one or two strokes per skill, will significantly improve their overall score.

Designed to produce not only maximum but also lasting results, Golf Magazine and GolfTEC equips players with lesson schedules and targeted on-range and at-home drills. Before moving onto a new key area, golfers complete self-assessment tests. They can also take advantage of the plan's revolutionary swing-analysis app, My Pro To Go. David DeNunzio, Golf Magazine's Managing Editor for Instruction, who worked closely Andy Hilts, GolfTEC's Vice President of Instruction and Education, on The Par Plan, argues that video analysis is an essential tool.

"It provides you with facts and truths that your sense of feel or a friend's eye simply can't catch. Pros know this, which is why video now dominates Tour practice tees."

The result is an easy-to-follow plan to revolutionize a golfer's game in thirty days. Good practice days will soon translate into solid rounds as golfers learn how to add yards to their drives, avoid costly mistakes on the putting green and build an arsenal of score-saving swings.

"Golfers they don't need to be shot-making machines in order to reach their target scores," said DeNunzio. "They just need to have a plan."

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