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August 18, 2012

Tiger and Phil shouldn't hold their tongues if they don't like a golf course

Posted at 9:00 AM by Joe Passov

I'm fine with pros complaining about courses.

No less than Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson took pot shots at Kiawah's Ocean Course during the PGA Championship. "It would be great if we could utilize the ground and run the ball up [here], but that's gone," said Woods. "Paspalum fairways and with this much rain, that's no longer in the equation."

Lefty pointed out two problems. "One, most every hole plays in a decent crosswind; and two, you're not able to really play the ball on the ground here. You have to play it through the air, because the greens all repel off. You can't really roll a shot up."

Whining pros or objective observations? I don't really care, so long as they keep it up. I'm an architecture geek, so I love it when the pros speak on record about the merits--or flaws--of a big-time golf course. I may not agree with them, but it's a hoot to find out what they're thinking.

I get that there are folks who resent the pros ripping a course. How dare these spoiled brats bitch about a challenging, scenic, perfectly groomed layout, especially given all the money they're playing for? Besides, the course plays the same for everybody. Just shut up and get on with it.

That's not my view, however. Whether it's Phil taking Rees Jones to task for his work on Cog Hill No. 4 (pictured) and Torrey Pines (South), or Dave Hill famously scolding Hazeltine National ("All it lacks is 80 acres of corn and a few cows"), I'm a freedom-of-speech fan. Tell me I'm wrong.

(Photo: Courtesy of Cog Hill Golf and Country Club)

October 17, 2011

Want to join Phil Mickelson's new M Club? Here's how multiple-club memberships work

Posted at 4:32 PM by


Phil Mickelson at the BMW Championship in September 2011. Photo: Chuck Rydlewski/Icon/SMI

Why join one club these days when you can have access to multiple courses with a single membership? Phil Mickelson debuted his take on that idea last week with the introduction of his M Club. That Arizona-based group joins other efforts, such as the private club-oriented Outpost Club, to provide access to numerous clubs rather than a single club membership -- for a price, of course. Here’s how they match up:


The M Club

Founded: October 2011

Initiation Fee: $5,000

Dues: $7,260 annual

Members: Unlimited (i.e., anyone can join)

Tee Times: Club concierge handles

Courses: 10 private and public layouts in Arizona

Celebrity Members: Phil Mickelson

Origin of Name: The 'M' is for Mickelson

Website: Under construction

“We think we have a pretty cool concept here. We don’t want to get stuck playing the same course every day. This opportunity allows you to have the private club experience at a multitude of courses with only one due. What a fair deal.”

--Phil Mickelson, The M Club



The Outpost Club

Founded: February 2010

Initiation Fee: $6,000

Dues: $900 annual

Members: Limited to 500 (by invitation only)

Tee Times: Club concierge handles

Courses: More than 50 private clubs in U.S. and international

Celebrity Members: High-profile club champions

Origin of Name: Comes from the original idea for the society, which included architecturally significant and mostly remote private clubs. 


“The Outpost Club’s mission is to cultivate a thriving golfing society that signifies the very best of private club golf where the golf course design is compelling, the camaraderie towards fellow members is genuine and the experience is always memorable.”


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